My journey began through allopathic western medicine being trained in western medicine. At a young age, I was always interested in Anti-aging medicine and wellness. I was frustrated and felt helpless that western medicine did not always offer a solution, and does not often focus on the root cause of disease.


 As I have gotten older I started suffering from gastrointestinal issues as well as fatigue. I searched for doctors who can help, but had not been able to find anyone. As I have gone through doctors I have noted that being a patient going through the conventional medical model you have a label that is often placed on you. There is no personalized approach, and often solutions offered always led to pills and procedures . I was determined to find my own solution for my ailments, and take my health into my own hands.



This led me to study natural and functional medicine. I love spending time with my patients and not focusing on the sick care model. I specialized in gastrointestinal health, and adrenal as a cause of fatigue, always focusing on the root cause of disease.




Anti-aging medicine is a passion of mine, as more of the environment has an impact on our health. With the emergence of Epi-genetics it was determined that we can change our genes and control how we age. Being trained in aspects of nutrition, I am able to offer alternative remedies, and methods which have been used for centuries in eastern cultures, and are lacking in western medicine. 



To help you guide your health, I trained in Naturopathy, and detoxification, Aesthetic procedures, essential oils, and bioidentical hormone replacement through the institute of functional medicine.




Call us and explore a different way of healthcare. We would love to help you feel better and look better, as well as achieve your health goals.